Why don't you ship to the UK and EU?

Honestly I just don't want to deal with having to file VAT things so I don't ship there lol. If you're in the UK/EU you can still buy through my etsy!

I gave you the wrong address and my order never made it to me. Will you resend it?

If your order is being sent back to me then yes I can re-mail it, but you will have to pay for shipping again. If the order never makes it back to me you must buy your items again, but if the address error is my fault I will resend your order free of charge. 

My order arrived damaged, can I have a new item?

Yes of course.

You had a sale but it ended before I could buy anything, could I have an item at the sale's discount anyways?

No, you must buy the items you want during the sale.

When will my order be mailed out?

I mail orders out every one to three business days (most commonly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), unless the item is a preorder. Preorder ship dates will be listed in the item description. Any non-preorder item purchased with a preorder item will be shipped at the same time as the preorder item.

Why does my charm have bubbles or scratches all over it?

There's plastic on both sides of the charm to protect it during manufacturing and shipping. It can look a little beat up, but if you peel it off your charm will look brand new.

My item has general wear and tear from every day use, can I have a replacement?

No. My goal is to deliver you a damage-free product but what you do with it afterwards is outside of my control and I am not responsible for any damages that happen once it's in your hands.

I have a complaint but it's been like a year since I bought my item 

I will refund or replace orders that arrive damaged or are incorrect within a month of you receiving your order.